Auto Detailing Services Louisville, KY

If it was shiny when you bought it, it should be shiny when you use it. Whether it’s a weekend toy or your everyday commute, we provide car detailing services in Louisville, KY for anything with a motor. The car you drive everyday gets the brunt of the wear and tear, but what about that motorcycle gathering dust in the garage, or the RV that spent all winter parked on the side of the house? A regular detailing can bring the life back into your vehicles, large or small.

Auto Detailing

For the family van, the commuter car, or your prized hot rod, we use only the most professional products, methods, and techniques to provide your vehicle the ultimate in first-class care. We go beyond just the crumbs in the seat cushions. Our complete auto detailing services clean and protects your vehicle from the inside out to extend the life of your car, increase resale value.

Boat Detailing Louisville KYBoat Detailing

A boat requires the same attention to detail as your car, with the addition of important waterproof protectants and UV blockers to keep it looking and working like new. We pay attention to the details in your vinyl seats, bimini tops, boat covers and metal surfaces to remove salt corrosion, prevent yellowing, cracking, or clouding, and protect your boat from the elements in and out of the water.

RV Detailing

The exterior of most RV’s are fiberglass, similar to a boat, while the interior can be comparable to a four-star hotel. On The Spot combines the best in auto detailing and cleaning services to ensure your RV looks and drives like new. We understand that your RV is your home away from home so we take care of it from the inside out with a comprehensive process and professional products.

Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing Louisville KYDetailing your motorcycle can pay big dividends in both resale value and safety on the road. One of the biggest benefits of a professional motorcycle detail is to degrease the entire bike, remove melted wax from your boots from the exhaust pipes, get rid of the residue left behind from long rides, and eliminate brake buildup. These services go a long way to making your bike look and feel like new again.

Trailer Detailing

Whether you use your trailer for business, car shows, or hauling any type of equipment, it pays to have it detailed. Nothing is worse than taking a shiny new hot rod and rolling it into an old, dirty trailer. Keep your cars protected, your equipment clean, and maintain a professional image with trailer detailing. We go beyond spraying out your trailer to ensure every inch is ready to safely and effectively haul your cargo.